Management of pension funds

Our specialists in pension fund management have more than 20 years of experience. Take advantage of their services.


Expertise within the meaning of LOB & actuarial service

Our team of certified experts and lawyers supports you for any expertise, actuarial or consulting work.

Legal advice

Our certified experts and lawyers are at your disposal to meet your specific needs in terms of legal advice.

The Company

Vonlanthen Consulting SA is a service company in the field of occupational pension provision. The company, founded in December 1999, is owned by three people who are still at the service of their clients.

Vonlanthen Consulting SA is an independent company that operates within the framework of the second pillar with all the necessary transparency and rigour.

In order to expand its range of services, Vonlanthen Consulting SA benefits from an exclusive partnership with the company Beratungsgesellschaft für die zweite Säule AG (BERAG) in Basel, in particular for the management and promotion of the UWP Collective Foundation in French-speaking Switzerland.

The philosophy

Our Company advocates the implementation and development of pension systems adapted to the specific needs of insured persons and their employers. We stand up for transparent and dynamic systems, understandable not only for the specialist, but also for the insured who is the first interested in good social security coverage.

We also intend to support occupational benefit schemes in their efforts to control risks and all financial flows that will enable them to make the best use of the social franc invested for the benefit of their insured persons and pension beneficiaries

Our experience

National outreach
Project development
In-house IT tools

Our Clients

The customers of Vonlanthen Consulting SA are constituted of occupational benefit schemes:

  • of various sizes (from 100 to 10’000 insured persons),
  • founded by private and public companies of the second and third sectors,
  • with different scope of action (regional, national, international),
  • offering both defined contribution as well as defined benefit plans.
Founding of the company
Languages used
Insured persons

Our Team

The Vonlanthen Consulting SA team is multidisciplinary and currently comprises more than ten people.

Management and Accounting of occupational benefit schemes

Yves Vonlanthen

Yves Vonlanthen

Account Manager

Olivier Santschi

Olivier Santschi

Director of the Management Departement
Account Manager

Amanda Clément

Amanda Clément


Fabien Fernandez

Fabien Fernandez


Charlotte Pache

Charlotte Pache

LOB-Manager and

Anne-Sophie Durussel

Anne-Sophie Durussel


Expertise, actuarial and legal advice

Sonia Vonlanthen

Sonia Vonlanthen

Accredited pension fund expert

Georges Dorsaz

Georges Dorsaz

Director of the Expert Department
Accredited pension fund expert

Gonzalo Gonzalez

Gonzalo Gonzalez


Nathalie Golay Waser

Nathalie Golay Waser

Legal Advisor


Justine Girard

Justine Girard

Receptionist – Administrative assistant

Anne-Sophie Durussel

Anne-Sophie Durussel

Director of Administration

Alain Dafflon

Alain Dafflon


Marie-Jeanne Cudré-Mauroux

Marie-Jeanne Cudré-Mauroux

Administrative assistant


Vonlanthen Consulting SA is always open to integrate pension fund specialists who wish to take on new challenges.

Do you wish to join our team? Apply for one of the open positions or send us an unsolicited application.

Currently, we are looking for a Receptionnist – Administrative assistant at 100%

Our Services

Would you like to delegate some or all of the tasks of your pension fund?

A team of management professionals is at your disposal to offer you high quality services, with a view to ensuring transparency for both your insured persons and your pension fund. You can focus on your core business by delegating in complete safety and a tailor-made partnership all matters relating to occupational pension provision to a reliable partner, at costs that are known in advance. Vonlanthen Consulting SA has the most modern tools on the market for the management of your pension fund as well as privileged web access for the insured/beneficiaries and the employer.

We offer a solution tailored to your needs in the following areas:

Technical management
  • Technical closing, management report
  • Routine administrative management of insured persons and beneficiaries (entry, leavings, change of salary, encouragement of home ownership, divorce, purchase, etc.)
  • Simulations of various insurance situations (purchase, retirement, disability, death, divorce, etc.)
  • Insurance certificate and individual evolution of the vested pension capital
  • Management of the link with third party organizations (Guarantee Fund, Supervisory Authority, auditors, pension fund expert, reinsurer, etc.)
Accounting management
  • General accounting, securities accounting and real estate accounting
  • Financial statements and notes to the financial statements in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER26
  • Invoicing and collection of contributions
  • Payment of benefits (pensions, lump sums, termination benefits, withholding tax, etc.)
Managing pension funds
  • Coordination with third party organizations (Guarantee Fund, Supervisory Authority, auditors, pension fund expert)
  • Organization of the meetings of the Foundation Board and preparation of related documents
  • Continuing education of the Foundation Board members
Collective Foundation
  • The UWP Collective Foundation is one of the largest collective foundations in Switzerland. It is currently widespread in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and is recognized for its professional and tailor-made service. Vonlanthen Consulting SA has signed a partnership agreement for the technical and accounting management of clients in French-speaking Switzerland. This solution allows you to join a mature institution (number of years of existence and experience in occupational pension provision) managed by real experts in the field.

The account managers of our management department will be pleased to answer your questions.

The main services in the field of actuarial expertise and advice are the following:

Expertise within the meaning of LOB
  • Drawing up balance sheets and actuarial reports in accordance with art. 52 e LOB
  • Periodic review of the security measures and reinsurance requirements
  • Analysis of the actuarial bases
  • Preparation of a reorganization concept
Actuarial service
  • Analysis of the actuarial risks (analysis of the result, etc.)
  • Occasional analysis in the context of special events (creation of an occupational benefit scheme, reorganization, merger, partial or total liquidation, change of benefit plan/pension plan, projective studies)
  • Valuation according to national and international accounting standards (RPC, IAS, IFRS)
  • Analysis of individual cases
  • Proposal of continuing education to Foundation Board members
  • Information sessions (employers, employees, beneficiaries, etc.)

Our certified experts will be pleased to answer your demands.

Legal advice and assistance is provided not only to the supreme body and the management body of the occupational benefit scheme but also to the human resources department. Such support allows you to be fully up to date with legal developments and to benefit from the highly specialized competences of our team. The priorities are:

  • Drawing up and updating the articles of association, regulations, affiliation agreements, transfer and takeover agreements as well as any other document of legal force
  • Creation, partial liquidation and merger of occupational benefit schemes
  • Advice, examination and legal management of individual insured persons’ files (including in the event of legal proceedings)
  • Preparation of within the framework of the LOB or the other social insurances

Our lawyers and consulting actuaries will be pleased to answer your demands.


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Hereinafter, you will find a short list of the main organizations of occupational pension provision and our partners.



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